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Wizerunek starzejącej się kobiety w kampaniach i programach lifestyle-owych

Kampania Dove Pro-Age.

Nie Anti-Age a Pro-Age!

What is the Dove Philosophy on Beauty? Hide Answer Answer:Dove believes that for too long, beauty has been defined by narrow, stifling stereotypes. Women have told us it's time to change all that. Dove agrees and believes a new definition of beauty is needed – one that is not defined by unrealistic media images. We believe real beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and ages. Dove's mission is to make women feel beautiful every day by widening today's stereotypical view of beauty and inspiring women to take great care of themselves. Dove has launched a number of initiatives to align with this philosophy, including: to allow women to
Vote on provocative images
Join discussion groups on various beauty stereotypes
Participate in the Dove Self-Esteem Fund
Commissioning and publishing a study called The Dove Report: Challenging Beauty
Supporting the uniquely Me! Girl Scouts of America self-esteem program
Establishing a Real Beauty section on
Using un-retouched images of real women rather than models on

What is The Dove Report? Hide Answer Answer:Aware of women's struggle with their beauty, Dove commissioned a year-long, groundbreaking study to gain deeper insight into women's true feelings about beauty. The results of that study, published as The Dove Report: Challenging Beauty, questions myths about the quest for "perfect beauty." In releasing these findings, the Dove beauty brand hopes to fuel societal discussion and give voice to women who are redefining beauty in their own terms. Dove believes the report will help individual women challenge beauty stereotypes in their own lives, and inspire them to feel more beautiful every day.

What is the Campaign for Real Beauty? Hide Answer Answer:The Dove® global Campaign for Real Beauty is a catalyst for activating Dove's beauty philosophy and to announce a wider, more refreshing view on beauty. The campaign is:
An encompassing message and intrinsic to all of Dove's communications
A personification of Dove's philosophy in front of consumers
An invitation to women to join our endeavor Learn more at:
The Real Truth About Beauty: a Global Report

How is Dove® challenging beauty? Hide Answer Answer:Dove is challenging beauty by questioning narrow, unattainable stereotypes of beauty and encouraging women to celebrate their own real beauty. Dove believes that beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and ages and cannot be defined by unrealistic images. Through our research, including The Dove Report: Challenging Beauty and The Real Truth About Beauty, Dove is striving to increase awareness of the stifling effects stereotypes can have on girls and women. Through our new advertising, we're working to help women nurture their own beauty by taking good care of themselves every day. Through, which enables women to exchange views and engage in debate about beauty, Dove is facilitating the creation of a wider, more inclusive understanding of what it means to be beautiful.

Why and how is Dove® supporting self-esteem? Hide Answer Answer:In response to the heightened media presence today, and coupled with the ordinary pressures of adolescence, girls everywhere want to be thinner, taller, blonder, bustier. Low self-esteem can lead to introversion, a withdrawal from normal life and a waste of potential. The Dove Self-Esteem Fund was created to support different initiatives that help educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty. In the U.S., the Dove Self-Esteem Fund works through the Unilever Foundation to sponsor uniquely ME!, a program partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA. uniquely ME! was designed in 2001 to foster self-esteem in girls, ages 8–14, in the United States and Puerto Rico — with a specific focus on girls in underprivileged communities. In addition to money, many Unilever employees donate their time to work with and mentor the girls as part of the uniquely ME! program, which has reached thousands of tween and teenage girls around the country and continues to see success today.

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